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TORG Delphi Council Worldbook Volume 1

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  • Description

    The Delphi Council Worldbook Volume 1 is a Sourcebook for TORG RPG that focuses on one of the most powerful, most varied, and most important settings--Core Earth. Yes, the place you've lived your entire life, has changed mightily in the TORG reality. Now demons inhabit Los Angeles, dwarves and elves work in shops and mines in England, super heroes and villains haunt the streets of Cairo, and the greatest threat of all, the High Lords, threaten to strip our world of its most precious resource--the possibilities! The Delphi Council Worldbook provides the tools to Storm Knights to stave off the end of existence on Earth.

    Vintage sourcebook published by West End Games in 1992. In Near Mint Condition. Out-of-print.

  • Details
    Year: 1992
    Game System: TORG
    Category: RPG Sci-Fi Horror
    Format: RPG