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TORG Space Gods Sourcebook of Sci-Fi Reality

TORG Space Gods Sourcebook of Sci-Fi Reality

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    They came from beyond our cosmos...but do they bring Earth's salvation, or its ultimate doom?  The Space Gods Sourcebook is part of TORG, an epic game of adventure, magic and alternate reality.  This volume describes the sci-fi- reality of the Akashan realm, where biotech, psionics, and non-invasive reality combine to make a unique campaign setting.  It includes gamemaster materials on biotechnology, psionics, Akashan reality mechanics, world laws, locations, creatures, and new character templates.

    West End Games, 1991.  Out-of-print.  Near Mint-Mint Condition.

  • Details
    Publisher: West End Games
    Year: 1991
    Game System: TORG
    Category: RPG Sci-Fi
    Genre: Sci-Fi