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TORG Aysle Sourcebook of Magical Reality

TORG Aysle Sourcebook of Magical Reality

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  • Description

    Aysle Sourcebook is part of TORG RPG, an epic game of adventure, magic and altered reality.  This volume describes the the magical reality of Aysle, the realm of dark fantasy and high sorcery split between two powerful beings-- Lord Uthorion of the Dark and Lady Pella Ardinay of the Light.  Source materials feature a detailed look at the fantasy homeworld and its effects on Core Earth. GM materials include character creation, religion and miracles, magic and spell creation, world laws, a host of creatures and more.

    Out-of-print.  West End Games, 1990.  CONDITION: Varies

  • Details
    Publisher: West End Games
    Year: 1990
    Game System: TORG
    Category: RPG Sci-Fi