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TORG Roleplaying the Possibility Wars Box Set

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  • Description

    Everything is possible in the grim and war-torn world of TORG-- Lost World adventure, pulp fiction, heroic fantasy, cyber-mystic, high-tech, horror, and contemporary Earth...

    This boxed set contains the Core Rulebook for TORG: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars.  It's one all-encompassing roleplaying game system to handle multiple genres, one compelling story to tie multiple realities together.  The boxed set contains:

    • Rulebook with instructions for playing this multi-genre game where realities collide
    • World Book describing Eart and invading realms in the Near Now
    • Adventure Book explaining how to design and run TORG adventures
    • Drama Deck with over 150 cards to enhance your storytelling
    West End Games.  1990.  Out-of-Print. 
    CONDITION:  Near Mint.  Materials have never been played with.  Drama Deck Cards still in their original shrinkwrap. Box in Excellent-Near Mint Condition.
  • Details
    Publisher: West End Games
    Year: 1990
    Game System: TORG
    Category: RPG Sci-Fi