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TORG Infiniverse Campaign Game Update Vol. 2

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    The Infiniverse. Uncharted realities were created by Apeiros, with no knowledge of each other's existence, being born, evolving, struggling, and dying all at once and not at all. More than just distance separates them.

    But now, some realities have begun to discover each other. The Destroyer, the Nameless One made certain that Apeiros' creations could not exist each alone in the Infiniverse, playing out their destinies. He created the Darkness Devices, artifacts of incredible power, able to breach space and time and reality...

    To conquer.

    Paired with the High Lords, some of the Darkness Devices found their way to the Possibility Nexus, a gateway to unimaginable power. Now, they all fight to control this Nexus, dividing it among themselves. This Nexus is called the Earth.

    This supplement to Torg: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars features new realm maps, new adventures, new characters, and new developments in the Possibility Wars. The Campaign that is the quest for Torg continues here.

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    Game System: TORG