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Farscape Roleplaying Game HC

Farscape Roleplaying Game HC

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    The Sci-Fi Channel's hottest television series is now an RPG. Play in a world of villainous Peacekeepers, mysterious aliens and renegade prisoners in stolen Leviathans. This 320 page full color book is full of information on the people, places and things of the Farscape universe, and utilizes the D20 System. Follow in the footsteps of astronaut John Crichton and explore the most dangerous region of populated space. Play a fierce Luxan, a cunning Nebari, or a scheming Hynerian. Travel aboard a leviathan - living starships captained by symbiont Pilots - and do battle with sinister Peacekeepers. Match wits with the ruthless Scorpius or outrun the renegade gunship Talyn. Whether you're an experienced gamer or a newcomer, a fan of the show or science fiction in general, everything you need for hours of fun is waiting between these covers. The Farscape RPG is fully compatible with the d20 system published by Wizards of the Coastâ„¢, and holds a wealth of information that no Farscape fan should be without