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Tales From the Floating Vagabond

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    Tales From the Floating Vagabond


    Don't let this man's sacrifice be in vain. Waldo suffered so that every joke in this book was of the highest quality. Now, you too can experience the roleplaying game that drove this poor soul to the brink of madness. You too can Thrill at the game that reaches new depths in High Adventure and Marvel as we reach new heights in Low Comedy. Yes, the game that takes every other roleplaying experience and twists it beyond all hope of recognition into a game that is at once a bundle of weirdness, an experience in ease-of-play, and a great big hunk of humor, action, and utter mayhem. The game of inter-dimensional excitement and adventure whose only goal is gratuitous laughter, Tales From the Floating Vagabond can be yours today. Pick it up and buy it. It's cheap. Go ahead, buy it. If you don't, it coudl mean the end of life as we know it on this planet. If you won't do it for yourself, or for us, and life on Earth means nothing to you, then do it for a once great man, now a shattered husk of the human being he once was. Do it for Waldo.


    This unfathomably Bizarre game contains:

    1. Most likely the oddest game ever to be produced.

    2. The first unlikely adventure for the game: "Excedrin Headache # 186,000".

    3. Membership in two exclusive organizations: The Bartenders' Ancient Brotherhood (BartAB), and the Righteously Indignant Goodguys and Heroes against Tyranny (R.I.G.H.T).

    4. Several business cards to contact the suppliers of many hard-to-find services.

    5. A whole bunch of really nifty art and comedy.

  • Details
    Publisher: Avalon Hill
    Year: 1991
    Genre: Comedy
    Author(s): Nick Atlas
    Page Count: 95