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Dragonstar d20 - Galactic Races

Dragonstar d20 - Galactic Races

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    The Dragon Empire just got a lot more crowded. Expanding on Dragonstar, the exciting space-fantasy setting from Fantasy Flight Games, Galactic Races introduces 16 new player character races with which to populate the Dragon Empire. Besides reintroducing old favorites such as the noble centaurs and the scavenging kobolds, Galactic Races also adds several completely new races sure to spice up the Empire. From the enormous and powerful oruk to the small but arrogant quasta, there’s something for everyone. As an extra bonus, racial templates allow players to customize their characters even further. Want to play a halfling from a high-G world? Now you can. Galactic Races is an invaluable resource for any Dragonstar DM or player.

  • Details
    Publisher: FFG
    Year: 2001
    Game System: d20