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Mekton Zeta Plus

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  • Description

    Mekton Zeta Plus

    Advanced Technical Manual

    Now the anime mecha roleplaying game gets even better with custom designed weaponry, remote drones, AI controlled mecha, combiners, excessive scale starships, power armor, techno-organic bioweapons, command armor, psyber-psychic mecha combat, teleportation, anti-gravity, super deformed mecha, sexy androids and bad Japanglish!


    All of these systems, and more, make up the Mekton Technical System, which allows you to build any mecha from any anime ever—but wait, there's more! On top of MTS, Mekton Zeta Plus also includes a host of new rules to spruce up your Mekton Zeta games. If you've already blown up Tokyo, defeated the alien invasion and crushed every tank on the planet beneath your giant armored footplates, Zeta Plus is just what you need. Psychic powers, dogfighting rules, and an animal & monster buidling system will take your Mekton Zeta characters where they've never been before.

  • Details
    Publisher: R. Talsorian Games, Inc.
    Year: 1995
    Game System: Mekton Zeta
    Genre: Mecha
    Author(s): Michael MacDonald
    Page Count: 144