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    Character Compendium #1



    Skimming over shantytown rooftops, you notice that the writhing streets and alleys below are plugged with faceless men and women wandering about in an eternal, pointless exercise. But not all can be tagged as anonymous vagrants. A fortunate few rise above the others. Determined. Individualistic. Unique. Reflex boosted with Grade A wetware and stuffed full of themselves, these are the CyberRogues. Make way, or take them down.


    This Cyberspace Character Compendium provides Gms with a number of new and nasty NPCs, ready to be dropped into any campaign. And because each personality is provided with his or her full game statistics, background and equipment listings, players may use these characters as PCs for one-shot adventures or extended gaming sessions.


    An artist's rendering depicts each CyberRogue—16 of them in Full Color!


    CyberRogues contains 30 characters with the following features:

    • Personal Data: Looks, demeanor, attitude, equipment, historical background and current undertakings are provided in clear, concise text.

    • Stats & Specs: Each character is rendered down to his or her game statistics, modifiers, combat specs and more.

    • Skills: Important skills and languages are all listed with their corresponding bonuses.

  • Details
    Publisher: I.C.E.
    Game System: Cyberspace
    Genre: Sci-Fi