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Cyberpunk - Greenwar - 5055

Cyberpunk - Greenwar - 5055

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    Greenwar at a Glance Bring the corporate espionage of Cyberpunk 2020 to life with this compelling, flexible scenario. Let player decisions direct the game in this open-ended plot full of twists and turns. A variety of referee resources make running the game easy no matter what road the characters choose. A Hostile Takeover: More about Greenwar Bring the gritty action of 21st century corporate takeovers to your gaming table with this Cyberpunk adventure. Your group of cyberpunks has been hired by the Browning Investment Group to engineer the hostile takeover of Liverpool Shipping. This flexible scenario gives the players a variety of options to achieve their goals. Leveraged buyouts, sabotage, discreet assassinations—they're all on the table so long as the company's stock prices stay high and its reputation is maintained. This campaign book provides a variety of resources, including new corporations, detailed maps, NPCs, and information on handling stocks and the market in Cyberpunk 2020.
  • Details
    Publisher: Atlas Games
    Year: 1994
    Game System: Cyberpunk