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Cyberpunk - Nights Edge - 101

Cyberpunk - Night's Edge - 101

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    The night is a wonderful place. You can live in it forever (and some of us do...) without being noticed if you don't want to. Those who live in the night better have the Edge, the Night's Edge, for there is a special kind of 'people' who live there. You might call them leeches, vryolakas, vampires or monsters, but then again, they might call you cattle, meat or lunch and beside, name calling is so... childlike. The bottom line remains that even if you don't like them, you gotta respect them. Law of the jungle you know. And the night is one huge jungle, complete with it predators and preys. Some may want to reverse the roles, make the hunters hunted, but they are few. Most are just happy not to be fodder, food for them. Live and let live, I suppose... Night's Edge is an Alternate Reality Sourcebook for Cyberpunk 2020. It is the first in a series of modules and sourcebooks that brings techno-horror to the world of Cyberpunk. It contains rules covering mostly vampires but also their brethren, lycanthropes and were-wolves. Also included are rules for vampire hunters and psychic powers.
  • Details
    Year: 1992
    Game System: Cyberpunk