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AD&D 2E - Mystara Karameikos Kingdom of Adventure - 2500 Boxed Set

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  • Description

    This box set presents the campaign setting of the Kingdom of Karameikos, itself a part of the larger Mystara campaign setting. The box set contains the following:

    - The Explorer's Guide, containing background information for the setting.
    - The Adventure Book, containing two adventures.
    - An audio CD for use with the included adventures.
    - 2 poster-sized maps.
    - parchment maps and several player handouts.
    - hero cards.

    Much of the information in the background is present in GAZ1: The Grand Duchy of Karameikos, but with the time line advanced to encompass events that occurred in Wrath of the Immortals.

    Karameikos is a small, young kingdom in an old land. Still very much a frontier nation carved from the ancient wilderness that hide the remains of ancient civilizations, there is no shortage of excitement for the intrepid adventurer.

    Though ostensibly written for the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition rules set, much of the content is rules-independent, and the setting can be easily adapted to other systems.

  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Year: 1994
    Game System: AD&D 2E