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D&D CM6 - Where Chaos Reigns 9158

D&D CM6 - Where Chaos Reigns 9158

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  • Description

    You have been chosen.

    Throughout the land, the omens of some cataclysmic change are clear for all to see. The flowers are blooming out of season, fish fall like rain, and a blue moon hangs in the night sky.

    Yet the danger is not of this land, nor even this world. Far away in the infinite planes lies Aelos, a world of peril. A world where time itself has been corrupted and where chaos reigns.

    Even the mighty Immortals who watch over the planes are powerless to help Aelos. Hope rests in you alone.

    Come then, journey through the swirling Nexus, to a world beyond the stars.

    You have been chosen, and Eternity beckons!

  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Category: Basic D&D
    Setting: NA (Mystara)
    Page Count: 24