DOKS Game Club Re-Opens

DOKS Game Club has re-opened for Scheduled Games on evenings and weekends starting in July.  Check The Days of Knights Calendar on for the schedule of events.  Here are the highlights:

  • Tuesday Nites starting at 5 pm: Board Game Night. Free and open to experienced players and novice gamers.  Bring your favorite game or choose one from our library of games.
  • 2nd Saturday of the Month starting at 12 noon:  Board Game Day. Free and open to experienced or novice gamers.  Bring your own game or choose from our library of games.
  • Magic the Gathering 3 evenings a week:  Monday, Thursday, and Friday
  • YuGiOh on Wednesday nights starting at 6 pm
  • D&D and Adventurers League - to be announced, watch the calendar for more details
Happy Gaming!!