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Fading Suns - War in the Heavens Lifeweb

Fading Suns - War in the Heavens Lifeweb

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  • Description

    Who are the Symbiots?
    This sourcebook/adventure book, the first in an epic trilogy, details the Symbiots, explaining for the first time who and what they are, from their beginnings on the wilderness world of Chernobog to their modern starfaring empire, carving worlds from human space. Included in this volume:

    • Book One: Metamorphosis- A sourcebook detailing the history, culture and metamorphic powers of the Symbiots.
    • Book Two: Living Planet- The Empire scorched and abandoned the planet Daishan- but life finds a way... This adventure pits the player characters against the Symbiots, with the fate of the Empire at stake.

    Future installments in the War in the Heavens Trilogy feature the alien Vau Hegemony and the Anunnaki jumpgate builders.

  • Details
    Year: 1999
    Game System: Fading Suns
    Artist: John Bridges