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Champions - Wings of the Valkyrie #32

Champions - Wings of the Valkyrie #32

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    In the University Physics building, a man lies dying, murdered by an unseen assailant. Who stabbed him? And what secret lies hidden within the building's walls? It is up to you to ensure that justice is served and the dilemma resolved. Thus begins a roller-coaster investigation that will carry your heroes into a final confrontation with their unknown adversary. Along the way your heroes uncover a plot that could change the very course of history. Do you dare to stop the Operation Valkyrie? Wings Of The Valkyrie is a multi-part adventure scenario for Champions. It can stand alone or be integrated into an existing campaign. It includes a fully detailed mystery and tips on how to appropriately manage mystery scenarios. Wings also has an all-new supergroup, a large sourcebook giving background data, and guidelines on the sinister Bureau of Genetic Purity. So give your superheroes a challange more daunting than stopping the latest Viper plot. Give them the ultimate role playing quandry. Give them Wings of The Valkyrie!

  • Details
    Year: 1987
    Game System: HERO 3