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Champions 5e - Demon: Servants of Darkness

Champions 5e - Demon: Servants of Darkness

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    UNDER COVER OF DARKNESS... ...the evil cultists and sorcerer-priests of DEMON work their evil! The world thinks of DEMON as a Satanic cult with delusions of grandeur, but in truth the organization has a far more sinister and deadly purpose. Can your heroes discover DEMON's secrets in time to put an end to its foul schemes? DEMON includes: a complete history of DEMON, with plot seeds for every important era of the twentieth century a review of the organization's structure, philosophy, beliefs, and approaches to its true goal information on DEMON's leadership, including character sheets for the leaders and their most important servants complete details on DEMON's three levels of members (Brothers, Initiates, and Morbanes), with archetypes, power and spell templates, and other resources for each descriptions of DEMON's Demonhames (secret cult centers and places of power) and Profane Regalia (enchanted items) advice for GMing DEMON and using the group in many types of campaigns Inject a new dose of villainy into your game with DEMON!