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Arcane Adversaries

Arcane Adversaries

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    SORCERERS, MONSTERS, AND FIENDS... The Mystic World of the Champions Universe is peopled by some of the strangest and often most evil beings in the Multiverse. Arcane Adversaries describes some of the most fiendish of these denizens of the shadows for your Champions campaign. It includes: three dozen new supervillains, ranging in power from the likes of the imprisoned elder god Vulshoth and the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca to physically frail human wizards who nevertheless command potent magics five mystic factions or villain groups the Circle of the Scarlet Moon, the Devils Advocates, the Kings of Edom, the Sylvestri family, and the Vandaleur clan with information on their members, servants, goals, and tactics twelve solo villains, suitable for use as the main antagonist in an adventure or grouping into teams reference tables listing the villains by type and abilities so you can quickly find just the one you need. Even if your heroes are powerful enough to handle mundane supervillains without any problem, youll find something eerie and macabre to challenge them among the Arcane Adversaries!
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