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Champions (5e) - Teen Champions

Champions (5e) - Teen Champions

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    Its tough being a teenager: school, parents, dating, acne, homework, the Prom, rivalries, getting permission to use the family car, cliques, part-time jobs... and for some teens, supervillains! Teen Champions describes the teen heroes subgenre of superheroes for your Champions campaign, giving you the information and resources you need to create and play a teen hero, or run a Teen Champions campaign. It includes: # a detailed discussion of the teen heroes subgenre, with information about genre conventions, background elements, character creation, and power levels. # Package Deals for high school cliques ranging from Alterna-Teens to Weirdos. # Ravenswood Academy, a school for teen heroes in the Champions Universe, including character sheets for the members of Homeroom Alpha (Chain Lightning, Flicker, Impulse, Putty, and Trance). # Gamemastering advice and resources, including the rival teen heroes of the Motor City Defenders and Nova. # Plenty of villains to oppose your teen heroes, such as Generation VIPER, the Playpals, the powerful but unstable Gloriana, and pop star/superheroine Teen Dream. So hurry up and get your homework done theres crime to fight!

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    Author(s): Allen Thomas
    Page Count: 160