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Mork Borg - Apocrypha

Mork Borg - Apocrypha

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  • Description

    Monstrous Classes. Play as a disgusting warpig, wickhead zündler, half-troll, or goblin wildmage. It is known that monsters are inherently 71% better than humans. Time to let loose and have fun.


    More fun with creating, killing, and reviving characters. When a character dies, you can roll on the Apocrypha to change the surviving characters (or NPCs). When a character dies and comes back from the dead, you can roll on a table that (heavily) punishes them for the audacity. And finally, when you create a new character, you can roll a star sign for a few life-altering (or life-threatening) traits.


    Anniversary Additions. The new anniversary edition includes a new Omen Side Effects table to roll on, seven new Powers you must read invocations for out loud, a pet shop, and a list of banned books.


    Miscellaneous. Encounter 100 strange NPC, get stuck neck deep in some dungeons, buy questionable items, and infect the characters for more fun!