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Mekton Empire 1301

Mekton Empire 1301

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  • Description
    Take your MEKTON adveptures to the stars! MEKTON EMPIRE is a complete sourcebook compatible with any science fiction campaign. Complete with over a hundred planets, alien races, Galactic Emperors, new mecha and weapon rules, spaceships and space ship combat, psionics - even the mysteries of the long-vanished Ancients. And MEKTON EMPIRE allows you to tailor your universe the way you want it! Includes: Full color map of the Bendar Spiral Galaxy! Unique "pick your own planets" system! Ship to ship combat and mecha boarding action! MEKTON EMPIRE. Now the Universe is yours!
  • Details
    Publisher: R. Talsorian
    Year: 1990
    Game System: Mekton
    Author(s): Greg Poehlein