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Middle-Earth RPG Angus McBrides Characters of Middle-Earth #8007 I.C.E.

Middle-Earth RPG Angus McBride's Characters of Middle-Earth #8007 I.C.E.

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  • Description

    This source book for I.C.E.'s Middle-Earth RPG describes individuals, both prominent and obscure, who roam Tolkien's world. Portrayed by Angus McBride for use by Gamemasters as NPCs or by Players as PCs, each color plate is accompanied by a page of relevant text. A brief fantasy description of the action, a note on the setting, a description, of the characters depicted, and full game statistics for the MERP and Rolemaster systems are included. These stats can be easily converted to most major FRP systems.

    When Gandalf, the Witch-king, or Galadriel arrives on the scene, Gamemasters will now have an illustration to display. And each player can possess a full-color rendering of his or her character. As Marhic, flee Low Nose the Asdriag through the streets of seedy Strayhold. Combat a camel-mounted Silent One as Mairan of Greater Harad. Or hold your breath as Ehlissa when a dread Wraith looks your way.