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D&D Hollow World Campaign Set Box 1054

D&D Hollow World Campaign Set Box 1054

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  • Description

    Hollow World is a world campaign supplement written specifically for Dungeons & Dragons.

    This detailed campaign module proposes that within the sphere of the "Known World" is another world called the Hollow World, a sub-setting for the Mystara campaign world. Hollow World acts as a living "cultural museum" for the planet, forever preserving cultures and races that are near extinction on the surface world.

    This box set includes the following:

    • A 128-page softbound Dungeon Master's Sourcebook
    • A 64-page softbound Player's Guide book
    • A 32-page softbound Adventure Book
    • Four single-sided poster maps

    The books include information about new monsters, elves, dwarves, character classes, pirates, and immortals.


  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Category: Basic D&D
    Setting: Hollow World