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AD&D 2E Dark Sun Forest Maker Box 2430

AD&D 2E Dark Sun Forest Maker Box 2430

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  • Description

    Designed for 4-6 characters of 11th to 13th level, Forest Maker brings player characters from the sun-baked streets of Tyr to the walled fortress of Altaruk and beyond. Forest Maker is a stand-alone adventure.

    This latest in the DARK SUN series of adventures has been redesigned with standard-size booklets, one for the DUNGEON MASTER and one for the players. A third booklet provides a descriptive short story to set the tone of your adventure.

    Out-of-print. TSR, 1994.  CONDITION:  New in Original Shrinkwrap. 

  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Edition: 2nd Edition
    Category: Adventure set
    Setting: Dark Sun
    Format: 3 books
    Page Count: 80