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AD&D OA1 - Swords of the Daimyo 9186

AD&D OA1 - Swords of the Daimyo 9186

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    From the log of the Leaping Dolphin:

    "110th Day: The gale nae stops for twa days. My ship is driven before it and the magus is as helpless as a wee babe. Akito names the winds tai-fun in his heathen tongue...."

    Drawn by the lure of aventure and riches, a crew of seamen sails valiantly into uncharted seas. In the squalid dens of the port districts, tales hint at a land of untold riches across the waves. But getting there is only the beginning.

    Across the waters lie Kozakura, a land of mystery and danger. There you will discover new cultures, strange values, secret powers, and fabulous terrors. For Kozakura is a land of Oriental Adventures.

    Swords of the Daimyo is the first module designed for use with the AD&D Oriental Adventures rule book. Swords of the Daimyo includes descriptions and maps of the island of Kozakura, detailed information and maps of Miyami Province of Kozakura, and a series of adventures to introduce old and new player characters to the intrigue of the Orient.

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    Publisher: TSR
    Category: AD&D
    Page Count: 32, 32