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VS System - The Buffy Battles

VS System - The Buffy Battles

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  • Description

    You have been chosen!


    In every generation, there is a chosen one, who will stand against the forces of darkness. This is the Slayer. Enroll in Sunnydale and start your training. Buffy the Vampire Slayer™ has joined Vs.® System 2PCG® With 4 new Main Characters and 13 new Supporting characters per team you can build all-new decks for either The Scoobies or The Forces of Darkness. 


    This stand-alone set is a great jumping in point for new players. However, this expansion is fully compatible with the entire Vs. System 2PCG line of products. 


    Contains: 200 playable cards across 2 new team factions, game tokens and a full color rule sheet.

  • Details
    Time: 30'
    Players: 2
    Year: 2018
    Ages: 14+