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LKO127 - Cantaloop Book 3

LKO127 - Cantaloop Book 3

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  • Description

    You've got a plan, you've got a team and you are ready to do what it takes. Time to finally

    get your revenge…


    Part 3 of Cantaloop continues where Cantaloop - Book 2: A hack of a plan ended.

    "Hook", "Alice" and "Fly" are ready to turn their plan into action even if the odds are

    against them. Make use of your team's unique skills to finally get your revenge on the

    biggest crook of town!


    Explore beautifully illustrated locations, chat with characters, and solve tricky puzzles to

    get your revenge in this book based on point and click games. Find and collect items that

    you have to use cleverly or even combine in the individual locations in order to get ahead.

    Are you clever enough? Find out in Cantaloop - an interactive adventure book!