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Mobile Markets

Mobile Markets

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    After the big market shift, you are the CEO of a multinational consumer electronics company ready for new mobile technologies

    generation. It’s a new world where national markets transform into the one global field of corporate competition. And you must be ready to satisfy any demands of very different types of customers all around the world. Technological features, journalist’s reviews, and consumer ratings are your instruments in this race. Make up your business plan, research and develop new technologies and promote your smartphones by launching marketing campaigns for victory! And one more thing… it’s a very busy market, so keep your eyes wide open — competitors do not sleep.

    In Mobile Markets: A Smartphone Inc. Game, you will set prices for your smartphones, develop technologies, launch marketing campaigns, produce smartphones and sell them to your customers.

    The goal of the game is to earn more money than your competitors. Consider your money as your victory points. The scoring track allows you to keep track of the amount of accumulated wealth. On each turn, you will receive money, mainly by selling manufactured smartphones to customers. Some of the Technology Cards and Marketing Campaigns will bring you extra money. Also, at the end of each round, players who have sold a larger number of Goods will receive extra income.