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AD&D(2e) Spelljammer - Under the Dark Fist 9325

AD&D(2e) Spelljammer - Under the Dark Fist 9325

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    Few creatures inhabiting the realms of Greyspace, Krynnspace, and Realmspace know (or even dream) of each others' existence. Fewer still understand the celestial bonds they secretly share.
    As the worlds of men and elves, dwarves and dragons are about to discover, no less than TWELVE unknown spheres stand poised for war...a war as unexpected as it will be devastating!
    Twelve spheres against three - hardly fair odds. But then again, Emperor Vulkaran the Dark, Master of the Twelve Spheres and Ruler of All Known Space, doesn't like a fair fight. He's never fought one yet!
    Under the Dark Fist, a 64-page aventure for the SPELLJAMMER setting, provides enough material to wage an intergalactic war across 15 spheres! It can be used as an epic stand-alone adventure or easily incorporated into an existing campaign. This challenging adventure is recommended for experienced players and referees.

    This adventure is designed for a party of four to eight characters, levels 10 to 14.

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