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AD&D(2e) Spelljammer - Krynnspace 9409

AD&D(2e) Spelljammer - Krynnspace 9409

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For centuries, the intelligent races of Krynn have looked upward, toward the moons, planets, stars, and the very crystal sphere of Krynnspace. They have looked up and wondered, and gone back to their planetbound lives.

Meanwhile, on other worlds in other spheres, spelljamming ships have begun to venture into the Void; they have encountered vast evil - and vast wealth - in the trackless reaches of wildspace. Their ships have explored their own spheres and are even now moving toward Krynnspace.

And on Krynn, the art of spelljamming is stirring. Unbeknowst to most of the inhabitants, spelljamming ports are opening. Spelljammers from other spheres are exploring the planet, and explorers from Krynn are rising into the sky and into space. Soon the mysteries of Reorx, Chislev, the Black Clouds, and the dark planet Nehzmyth will be yielded up - or will destroy those seeking to investigate.

Now you can add spelljamming to your Krynn-based campaign with Krynnspace, an accessory for the SPELLJAMMER campaign setting. The SPELLJAMMER boxed set is needed to use this booklet.

This 96-page booklet includes:

Details on the planets, moons, and special mysteries of Krynnspace.

Statistics for all the major NPCs who inhabit the planets, or who roam wildspace as privateers or pirates.
Statistics and descriptions for new monsters, magical items, and encounters.

Short adventure hooks to make designing Krynnspace scenarios a snap.

SPECIAL BONUS: A full-sized map of the Krynnspace crystal sphere, showing all the planets and their orbits.

Extra Info

Publisher: TSR
Game System:
Category: AD&D 2
Setting: Spelljammer
Format: book, single-sided fold-out map (A Trve and Accvrate Map of Krynnspace)
Page Count: 96