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Space Opera: Star Sector Atlas 11

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    Readers will recall that the numbered series of StarSector Atlases for use with Space Opera are from the campaigns of the original designers, It should be noted that Atlas 11 is from the Australian based campaign of Phil McGregor which saw the Rebel Humans in a fight for freedom against their Korellian oppressors. The Atlases numbered 2-10 will continue the series dealing with the major races and nationalities from the basic Space Opera rules. Atlas 12 will deal with the Korellian Empire in greater detail as this atlas (1 1) is designed to spell out the situation among the Terran colonists in the North American Nebula as they begin their great rebellion and the hard fight for freedom. Space Opera is designed to be a versatile game and the tone of this atlas differs from that of Atlas 1. This is due to the different nature of the Australian campaign. Enough information is provided so that readers can use this atlas as the setting for a similar fight against oppression or simply use this atlas to provide a new area for adventuring. The original Australian campaign assumed that the first renewed contact with the mainstream of galactic civilization would be made by trade expeditions from the Mercantile League. The CSA Sector has obviously been out of touch with the rest of the human race and it has been placed in the North American Nebula, which is clearly marked on the Quadrant Map that comes with StarSector Atlas 1 (The Terran Sector). The next atlas planned covers the Mercantile League, which will prove useful in connection with Atlas 1 and with Atlas 11.
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    Game System: Space Opera