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Space Opera - Seldons Compendium of Starcraft 3 7173

Space Opera - Seldon's Compendium of Starcraft 3 7173

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    The third volume in the Seldon's series, SELDON'S COMPENDIUM OF STARCRAFT 3 introduces the military starships of the United Ranan Worlds, the Hissss'ist, the Mekpurr and the Blarad StarKingdoms to players of SPACE OPERA. It follows the format established in the second volume of the series in containing stats and illustrations of all ships from the smallest starfighters through the largest baglestarships. Ships of relatively small size, like Destroyers or Corvettes, are diagrammed complegly with deck plans. SELDON'S 'COMPENDIUM OF STARCRAFT 3 also includes a new class of ships, StarFighter Carriers, for the four StarNations listed, as well as for those covered in Seldon's Compendium Of Starcraft 2 (the United Federation of Planets, Azuriach Imperium, Mercantile League, and the Galactic Peoples' Republic). SELDON'S COMPENDIUM OF STARCRAFT 3 includes 34 different ship types and classes (most of which with several variations) from eight different StarNations. It is an invaluable resource for players of SPACE OPERA (or for any other science fiction role a playing game).

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    Year: 1988
    Author(s): Stvn. S. Crompton