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Fading Suns - al Malik Fiefs

Fading Suns - al Malik Fiefs

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  • Description

    Emperor Alexius has sent his Questing Knights forth to bring back reports from all quarters of the Known Worlds on the state of his empire. The second volume surveys the al-Malik Fiefs - home to the prosperous al-Malik, allies to the Merchant League and Emperor alike. The al-Malik way of life is revealed at such places as the bustling streets of metropolitan Criticorum, the Shantor reservations of Shaprut, Prophet's Hill on Aylon, and the Great Market amid the deserts of Istakhr.

    Each survey volume is a report written by a Questing Knight in a unique voice, and is suitable for both players and gamemasters.

  • Details
    Publisher: Holistic
    Year: 1999
    Game System: Fading Suns
    Artist: John Bridges