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    Role Playing on the Cutting Edge of a Future Dark Age


    Cyberspace is a complete role playing game set in the corrupt, dirty, high-tech Earth of 2090 AD; wehre Megacorporation repression collides with Sprawl street warfare. Muscle-grafted Punks and jacked-in Netheads crawl from the gutters to scrap Media Stars and Cybernetic Mercenaries—a conflict beyond the boundaries of Good and Evil. From the depraved, polluted cities to the surreal beauty of Earth's global computer matrix, this is the world of Cyberspace.


    Cyberspace contains a world environment rules system, combat rules, and all you need to create a varied cast of characters. Player development systems help you create cybernetic enhancements, computer implants, and all the personal “improvements” a character could want. An in-depth history and description of the Cyberspace world brigns the game to full degenerate life. A mind-sizzling adventure completes your introduction to Cyberspace. Live the startling future!


    Cyberspace features:

    • A complete role playing system.

    • Rules for travel, combat and espionage in the ethereal, electronic realm of Cyberspace.

    • The most detailed and extensive cybernetic rules available!

    • A beleaguered San Francisco of 2090 AD, one dark corner of a living, choking world environment.

    • Tons of equipment!

    • Complete compatibility with ICE's Space Master system.


  • Details
    Publisher: I.C.E.
    Year: 1989
    Game System: Cyberspace
    Artist: Rick Vietch
    Designer: Tod Foley
    Genre: Sci-Fi
    Page Count: 207