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Cyber Europe

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  • Description

    Cyber Europe

    A Campaign Sourcebook for Cyberspace


    The year is 2090, and the palce is the Federal State of Europe. Thirty-six countries, from Iceland to Georgia, have been blended into a caustic, volatile melting pot. Governed by aristocrats, who are in turn rules by executive slime, the European Community exists at the edge of depravity and despotism. Dare you cross its war-torn borders?


    In Cyber Europe, you can unlock the secrets of the Vatican's anti-terrorist force, get thrown into a Kriminalbezirk, join Sondergruppe 9, fight the deadly Kampfmaschine, and run into blood-thirsty members of the Neuhitlerjugend.


    Cyber Europe culminates with an intriguing adventure which sets players on a quest to recover the holy Christian artifact, the Spear of Destiny.


    This Sourcebook provides you with the following:

    • A 17” x 22” full color map of Europe in 2090.

    • A wealth of source material on the European Community and its strong-willed neighbors.

    • Numerous NPCS and organisations deeply rooted in the mystique and history of this great continent.

    • Information on warfare, law enforcement, and crime.

    • A complete adventure which sends players from the cultural heart of Cyber Europe to the frozen waters off Norway in an epic quest.


  • Details
    Publisher: I.C.E.
    Game System: Cyberspace
    Genre: Sci-Fi