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Buck Rogers Adventure Game Cliffhangers TSR 1993

Buck Rogers Adventure Game Cliffhangers TSR 1993

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  • Description

    Welcome to the 25th Century, a time of super-science, mighty air-ships, and a time of rebellion against powerful invaders of America...a time for a hero like Buck Rogers. and you!  

    This rare vintage boxed set is complete and contains an entire, easy-to-learn role playing intensive adventure extravaganza, suitable for would-be rock rangers from age 10+.  The box includes: 

    • 32-page Rule Book on the basics of becoming a player and/or Game Master in the Buck Rogers Adventure Game.
    • 32-page World of the 25th Century Book, describing the Buck Rogers Universe.
    • 48 page, full color Adventure Book to get you started in battling on the side of the American rebels
    • Two full-color, large scale maps 
    • Loads of stand-up counters and tiles put the futuristic action right before your eyes.
    • Ten 6-sided dice
    • 40 Experience Chips let your character mark his or her progress in skill and fame.

    TSR, 1993.   CONDITION:  New in its Original Shrinkwrap from manufacturer.  Near Mint Condition. Box shows some shelf-wear.

  • Details
    Publisher: TSR
    Year: 1993
    Game System: High Adventure Series
    Edition: 1st
    Category: OOP Sci-Fi RPG