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Battle Lords of the 23rd Century (1st Printing)

Battle Lords of the 23rd Century (1st Printing)

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  • Description

    Battlelords of the 23rd Century

    Futuristic Roleplaying


    The Company told you it was going to be a mop up operation. Quick and easy. The planet radio was probably out and it would take only a few hours to fix, re-establish contact with Central Command, then back on the drop ship headed home.


    The human just got wasted and now there only three of you left alive! The shot ticker on your M-20 Blaster pulse cannon reads 5. Not good! You've got only one Plasma grenade left and death is raining down all around you as 100 salivating aliesn close in on your position. Worse yet, the Ram Python is smiling and the Phentari is laughing. You...Well you just know its gonna be a bad day!!


    Battlelords of the 23rd Century is a hightech, action packed roleplaying game designed to simulate life in the 23rd Century. There are 12 character races to choose from, over 250 special powers, and a veritable armory of weapons.


    The future is here, can you handle it?


  • Details
    Publisher: O.D.S.
    Game System: Battle Lords
    Edition: 1st
    Genre: Sci-Fi
    Page Count: 195