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Babylon 5 (2e) - The Lurkers Guide to Gaim

Babylon 5 (2e) - The Lurker's Guide to Gaim

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    Amongst all of the races that make up the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, it is arguable that the Gaim are indeed the most foreign and remarkable. A race of insectoids that evolve from one generation to the next as needed by the Queens, the Gaim are one of the most enigmatic and reclusive aliens to be part of the greater galactic culture. They are undeniably powerful and they have more secrets hiding behind their closed doors than anyone knew ... until now. The Lurker’s Guide to the Gaim is a close look at the various facets of the Gaim Intelligence. With the information covered in this book, players and Games Masters can unleash a host of new bio-adaptations with the various breeds and Gaim-specific feats, skills and prestige classes it presents. There is a wealth of unique information collected here that the Babylon 5 universe may never know or understand, but readers will now have the chance to.
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    Year: 2009
    Game System: OGL 3.5