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Champions (5e) - UNTIL Superpowers Database II

Champions (5e) - UNTIL Superpowers Database II

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    EVEN MORE POWER! Time to power up! Following on the heels of The UNTIL Superpowers Database, and created in part with contributions from numerous HERO System fans, The UNTIL Superpowers Database II contains hundreds of all-new superpowers to help you create just the sort of Champions character you want! It features: complete descriptions of superpowers in over forty categories, such as Electricity, Hypersenses, Size Alteration, and Speedster (including four new categories — Chaos And Entropy, Energy Manipulation, Hyper-Characteristics, and Spirit Projection — not found in USPD1) a “power template” for each power, making it easy to determine the basics of a power at a glance, but also including a complete HERO System write-up of the power for copying to a character sheet multiple versions of most powers so you can easily tailor them to suit the character or ability you have in mind Whatever type of character you have in mind, The UNTIL Superpowers Database II gives you even more ways to make him fun, exciting, and powerful!