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Book Of The Destroyer

Book Of The Destroyer

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    THE TIME OF THE DESTROYER Of all the villains in the Champions Universe, the most powerful and most feared is Dr. Destroyer. Gifted with phenomenal intelligence and possessing some of the most advanced technology on Earth, hes dedicated all of his resources to conquering the world and defeating anyone who dares to oppose him. The Book Of The Destroyer is your guide to everything Destroyer. It features: a thorough look at the man himself, including his personal history, his many attempts to take over the world, his personality and psychology, and detailed information about his powered armor complete information on Shadow Destroyer, a strange new denizen of the Champions Universe who seems to have taken Dr. Destroyers place character sheets and information about Dr. Destroyers followers, including supervillains, agents, and more descriptions of his technology, including weapons, vehicles, and his legions of robots details about and maps of his many secret headquarters and bases around the world (and beyond!) a chapter on gamemastering Dr. Destroyer, with tips on how to work him into your campaign, ideas for how he can interact with your heroes, and plot seeds So tell your heroes to get ready its time for them to face the might of Destroyer!
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