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Fading Suns - Gamemasters Screen & Complete Pandamonium

Fading Suns - Gamemasters Screen & Complete Pandamonium

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  • Description

    Gamemasters Screen

    A sturdy and comprehensive screen with charts to help gamemasters run dramas. Includes all the important Second Edition rulebook charts and tables, along with evocative art to ignite the players imagination and interest.


    Complete Pandemonium

    Pandemonium is a world in chaos; its ancient terraforming engines are failing, causing worldwide cataclysms. Amid the terror of a crumbling planet, buried treasures appear, ready to be claimed by brave adventurers. But past horrors have also arisen...

    "Complete Pandemonium" is a sourcebook providing Fading Suns gamemasters with details on the planet and its capitol city, the Hub, along with two beginning dramas to inflict on players.

  • Details
    Year: 1999
    Game System: Fading Suns
    Artist: John Bridges