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Star Wars Introductory Adventure Game Box Set (West End, 1997)

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An introductory roleplaying game for Star Wars fans of all ages, this vintage box set contains:

  • A Players Booklet which begins teaching the rules as soon as you start reading it 
  • 14 Character Sheets you can choose from to customize and play... a smuggler, a Wookiee, a young Jedi, or a Rebel trooper 
  • A Narrative Booklet with information on the Star Wars Galaxy 
  • A Star Wars Adventure Book with a scenario to liberate a planet from the evil Empire 
  • 64 Color Cards showing characters, technology, and Force powers used in the Star Wars Adventures 
  • Stand-up Characters to help you play out the action 
  • 7 Maps illustrating popular Star Wars locations, such as a Rebel Base, a starport, a docking bay and a cantina. 6 Dice Out-of-print.

West End Games, 1997. CONDITION: New in Original Box and Shrinkwrap from manufacturer.  A few pre-owned copies in Good to Poor condition available.

Extra Info

Publisher: West End Games
Year: 1997
Game System:
Edition: 1st
Category: Fantasy RPG, Adventure
Genre: Science Fiction
Author(s): Peter Schweighofer & Stephen Lauminati
Format: Box Set w/ accessories
Page Count: