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Acute Paranoia

Acute Paranoia

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  • Description

    Welcome to Acute Paranoia! This massive upgrade to Paranoia gives you new ways to play and enjoy the darkly humorous Paranoia experience. You know, the one where everyone accuses each other of treason and characters die repeatedly but everybody laughs and has a great time?

    For Players:  

    • Play bot Troubleshooters with buggy software.
    • Learn how to get away with treason. Mostly.
    • Use your health insurance for discounted (and mandatory) prescriptions.
    • And even more rules to forget until they get your character executed.

    For GMs:

    • Make players regret choosing bot Troubleshooters.
    • Blame the rules for your imperious judgments with randomized tables.
    • Tips for getting players to turn on themselves repeatedly.
    • And even more capricious rules to punish boring players.