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Cyberpunk - Thicker than Blood - 5045

Cyberpunk - Thicker than Blood - 5045

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  • Description
    Thicker Than Blood at a Glance Bring the excitement of Cyperpunk to the table at a moment's notice with this scenario. Puts a new twist on the Cyberpunk world with a unique setting—a private school. Includes everything you need to play a compelling story, just add the core book! An Extraction with a Twist: More about Thicker Than Blood Explore an unusual side of the Cyberpunk setting with this complete scenario. An anonymous mother pleas for help after her child vanishes. She suspects kidnapping, but there’s just one problem—no ransom note. To find the child, the cyberpunks must infiltrate a private school where the elite are trained to command and exploit the masses.
  • Details
    Publisher: Atlas Games
    Year: 1993
    Game System: Cyberpunk