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Cyberpunk - Northwest Passage - 5070

Cyberpunk - Northwest Passage - 5070

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  • Description
    Northwest Passage at a Glance Take your characters out of Night City and to an interesting—and freezing—new location in this Cyberpunk scenario. Run this exciting scenario on its own or use it to bridge between larger plots in an ongoing campaign. Cold weather rules and equipment can be used in other Cyberpunk settings. A new ice age, anyone? Firepower and Ice: More about Northwest Passage The job is simple—download some data files from the United Energy Coalition's LAPUTA oil rig in the freezing north and bring them back to Night City. But everything goes sideways, between the plane crash, the bounty hunters, and the fragging cold wreaking havoc with your cybernetics. Your team will have to figure out who's behind this ugly little setup and fight back in this complete Cyberpunk scenario. Included are rules and equipment for use in any frigid Cyberpunk settings.
  • Details
    Publisher: Atlas Games
    Year: 1995
    Game System: Cyberpunk
    Author(s): Jeff Ranger