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Cyberpunk 2020 - Necrology - Of Life, Death and Afterwards... N1

Cyberpunk 2020 - Necrology - Of Life, Death and Afterwards... N1

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    Night City Medical Journal, August 2012: For milllennia death has been an insurmountable challenge. The technology of the past decade has allowed us to defeat death. We are now able to bring a patient back to life. A limit of 12 minutes dead must nevertheless be respected. Such advances have given us an opportunity to view life after death. Unfortunately the subjectivity of the patients' reports until now have created many discrepancies in this perspective. This has made it impossible to fully accept their testimonial. I intend to carry out controlled experimentations in life after death. By using trained subjects I can get fairly objective reports on after-life experiences. These experiments will hail the birth of a new science, Necrology, the study of death. -Joseph Wilkes, M.D. What if you could die and come back to talk about what happens afterwards? What if someone told you that it was completely safe? What if, simply by stepping in a booth that looked a hell of alot like a suntanning booth, you could experience death for about 2 minutes and come back to life none the worst? The year is 2020, flatlinning is the new craze and now, you can experience life after death. For a simple fee, you too can be there. Isn't that wonderful? Necrology is set in the Alternate Reality Universe for Cyberpunk for 3-6 experienced players. Although it is the first part of the Necrology Trilogy, it can be played alone.
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    Year: 1992
    Game System: Cyberpunk 2020