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Ars Magica: Black Death

Ars Magica: Black Death

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  • Description

    Black Death
    Ars Magica Story Supplement

    Death comes to us in many horrible forms.  We may fall to mischievous Demons.  We may be struck down by the unseen murderer.  Or, we may be taken by the most virulent elemental flame.  But all these deaths know no kinship to that most feared by all - the Plague.  The Black Death is the most heinous of ends for it leaves one utterly alone.  No one can bear the presence of one stricken, and all run in fear.  Even the Lord's most faithful servants dare not approach, ensuring that the plague bearer passes without redemption or final forgiveness.  Pity he who suffers the Unholy Death.

    Black Death is an Ars Magica adventure that pits the characters against a most fearsome foe, the Plague.  The town of Montrouge has fallen victim to contagion, and the neighboring Covenant, Ad Vis Per Veritas, has fallen with it.  If the characters hope to salvage Ad Vis Per Veritas, reunite its scattered magi and preserve its rich source of vis, the characters must risk the Plague themselves.

    Though they may resist the Black Death and rebuild Montrouge, the characters soon learn that a more diabolical power is at work, that the plague may have had origisn within the Order of Hermes itself...

    The Maleficium is an Ars Magica Third Edition sourcebook that explores the machinations and mystique of the the Infernal Realm.  With the reference Storyguides and players may pierce netherworldy deceptions and secrets, bringing about confrontrations with the Evil, and mastery of the Dark Arts.  You may now become a Magus opposed to the Light and the Order of Hermes itself.

    Ars Magica orignally created by Jonathan Tweet and Mark Rein Hagen.


    Black and White map on inside cover.

  • Details
    Publisher: White Wolf
    Year: 1991
    Game System: Ars Magica
    Designer: Thomas M. Kane
    Genre: Fantasy
    Setting: Mythic Europe
    Author(s): Thomas M. Kane