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Planescape - Monstrous Compendium Appendix - AD&D 2E

Planescape - Monstrous Compendium Appendix - AD&D 2E

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    There's lots of bashers that can plant you pretty fast, out here in the planes. And that's the only "pretty" thing about most of 'em. A blood's got to know what's what, or the results won't rise. A lot of creatures out here're just plain bad, and even the good ones can burn you if you rattle your bonebox wrong. What a cutter needs is a guide to what's out there, and if it's twice as big as the previous guide and illustrated in color, that's just a bonus. Sure, there's been other guides to planar creatures, but most're hard to find, don't scan the turf, or just don't have the straight chant....

    This MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM appendix includes a broad spectrum of monsters from the Inner, Outer, Astral, and Ethereal Planes - all geared to provide hours of adventure in the PLANESCAPE campaign setting. Replacing the original Outer Planes Appendix, this new and enlarged compendium includes full-color illustrations, reintroducing many of the best mulitplanar monsters from a wide variety of out-of-print sources.

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    Publisher: TSR
    Category: AD&D 2
    Setting: Planescape
    Page Count: 128