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A&D Lankhmar: Swords of the Undercity 9150 CA1

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"The adventure is divided into three scenarios, The Secret of Urgaan of Angarngi by Carl Smith, The Web of Mog by Bruce Nesmith, and Claws of the Shree-kah by Douglas Niles. Each is playable separately within one evening session of gaming, or as a whole, in one single adventure.

During the first scenario, The Secret of Urgaan of Angarngi, the party acquires a treasure map and eventually sets out on an expedition to recover the forgotten treasure. This scenario includes the journey through the Sinking Lands to the Treasure House of Urgaan of Angarngi, and the destruction of Urgaan's Mad Tower.

Upon beginning the second scenario, The Web of Mog, the characters return from the Sinking Lands to their favorite location, the Silver Eel, where their drink is drugged and their treasure stolen. The party must recover it once again, and be confronted by hostile factions also interested in the treasure.

Then Claws of the Shree-kah, the third scenario of this adventure, unveils the horrors lurking in the sewers below Lankhmar, and the secret of the Leviathans."

1985 ... Carl Smith & Bruce Nesmith & Doug Niles ... 32 pages ... TSR 9150 ... ISBN 088038235X

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Publisher: TSR
Year: 1985
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